Abhilisha Puwar

CEO of Blue Sky Analytics In June 2018, Abhilisha Puwar moved back to New Delhi, determined to find a solution to the massive air pollution crisis affecting Indian cities. A little over a year later, she is now the CEO and founder of Blue Sky Analytics – a startup building Geospatial Data Platforms for Environmental... Continue Reading →

Education, incarceration, and coronavirus in Brazilian women’s prisons

Incarcerated women are one of the fastest-growing groups in prisons worldwide. Women often face different needs and challenges than their male counterparts and inequalities in everything from access to education and vocational training to childcare and hygiene are increasing. In places with large inmate populations, programs are increasingly focusing on how to overcome these differences.... Continue Reading →

So it begins!

As we launch our blog and consulting company we'd like to share our journey with you. We hope that it inspires you to sign up to our newsletter, or follow us on facebook. Who are you and what do you aim to do? We are a mother-daughter team who decided to start a small consulting... Continue Reading →

Our Name

When we came together to form Yarrow Global Consulting we knew that what bound us together was our desire to change the system in order to do away as much as possible with the strict men/women dichotomy that limits us all. To do that requires tackling gender equality on multiple fronts such as helping to... Continue Reading →

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